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11 Things You’ll Only Understand After Living in South Dakota

From soda to pop to sloppy Joes, different parts of the country have their local quirks and language. Simple phrases can have totally different means, local events may seem weird, and food may go by a unique name.

If you're new to South Dakota here is a sort of translation guide for some odd things you may see or hear.

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

South Dakota's Snakes: A Local Guide to Identifying and Understanding Our Slithering Neighbors!"

South Dakota may not have creepy crawlies like they do in Australia. But, there are a fair amount of snakes to be found here.

We can find some in the Black Hills, some enjoy life on the west-river plains, and several are concentrated in the southeastern part of the state along the Missouri River.

There are seven common species of snake that can be found throughout the state, including our one venomous species.

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