Am I the only one who still orders his coffee dark roast, straight up, nothing in it? It sure seems like it every time I stop into a coffee shop.

I stopped by my neighborhood coffee shop the other day and overheard the workers (excuse me, baristas) talking about something called a Ripple Maker.

It's a phone app that's somehow connected to a machine that allows you to print out a picture on the foam of your coffee. You can even add text if you like.

Really? You do realize that once I take a sip of your foo-foo fancy coffee the picture will be ruined - right?

And then I find out the set up costs about a thousand dollars. And here's the best part - they're actually buying one of these contraptions.

Will I ever order one of those fancy-dandy coffees? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! I take my brew dark roast, nothing in it, straight up and HOT.

Now that I've taken on the reputation of being 'Grumpy Old Man' in the neighborhood, all I know is they had better not increase prices to pay for this thing.

If that happens, I'll be making my coffee at home with hot water and Folgers Instant Crystals thank you - yes, they still make Folgers Crystals, and it's good darn it!!!

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