Just how cold is it in the upper midwest right now? Well, in Duluth, pants are freezing solid in the below zero temps. How in the heck does something like this happen and whose pants are these anyway?

The Meteorologists out of the National Weather Service in Duluth decided to have a little fun on Twitter yesterday.  They took a pair of pants, doused them in water, stood them outdoors, and before you know it, the pants were standing outside all by themselves.

The Twin Cities National Weather Service also got in on the fun, tweeting "Hopefully, these were just an extra pair of pants lying around the office?'

To which the Duluth NWS replied "Yep, they were. One of our forecasters would have had a very long drive home if this was his only pair."

While the NWS is trying to make some fun out of the rough situation we're in, things aren't likely to improve much in the next few days. In fact, according to the Sioux Falls National Weather Service, Wind Chills are expected to drop even further throughout our area by the end of this week.

Most of the country is enveloped in colder than average temperatures right now, with the exception of Southern Florida. They're currently seeing highs in the lower 70s this week.

Story Source: Fox 9/KSMP, Twin Cities, MN

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