I recently ran across an interesting article in the New York Post about today's millennials and how they need to work on their social skills. Apparently they're great with the on-line stuff but horrible at face-to-face interaction.

According to the article, many social experts describe today's generation as being "absolutely hopeless" when it comes to life skills both at home and at the office. Its the little things like small talk that can make or break a person in their career.

I would argue it's not just a millennial problem. I think we're all guilty of it to a certain extent. Just look around the next time your out in public and notice how many people have their nose buried in their phone or laptop. We're all doing it.

It would agree though that it appears to be more of a "young persons" crutch. It's as though the art of communication is being lost on today's generation. Even something as simple as a handshake causes stress and anxiety.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story about how bosses are having a hard time getting young sales people to make calls. The article talked about how sales reps under the age of 35 are now emailing their pitches to clients instead of picking up the phone.

It does make me wonder where we're all headed and what the future has in store. Will we eventually reach a point where no one talks anymore? Will all our conversing and interaction be done on-line? I sure hope not.

I think of Sylvester Stallone's character in the movie Judge Dredd when he's unfrozen in the future only to find that people no longer embrace or have any physical contact with one another. Everything is done through a headset. Hope that's not our future.

Or perhaps we'll head in the opposite direction and realize we all need to spend a little less time with our phones and a little more time with family and friends. I can only hope.

Source: New York Post

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