With the recent snowfall on the Sioux Empire, a lot of people have or probably will be making some homemade soup.

Nothing is truly more blissful than eating a homemade bowl of soup or chili while watching the snowfall outside.

But with 'soup season' in full swing, it has crossed my mind if 'chili' is even considered a soup? Thanks to a conversation with a coworker over the topic.

According to thrillist chili is considered a (drum roll please):

"Chili ....is not a soup. In a sense, the juices from the meat commingle with the veggies, tomatoes, and various spices to create something that might resemble a stock as the chili slowly cooks. Still, the absence of broth or stock does not mean something is not a soup. See: tomato soup."- thrillist.

Thrillist also states that chili is typically made without a broth or stock which is the deciding factor on whether it can be classified as a soup or not.

However, if you make a minestrone or in my case, as a vegetarian my chili and minestrone at times look very similar, you are more than likely adding vegetable stock as one of the first ingredients, therefore minestrone is a soup.

So to all the people who have been calling chili a soup over the years, myself included, we would be wrong; but hey at least we learned something today!

Source: thrillist

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