An Iowa teacher is helping less fortunate students succeed in this new "home learning" environment we're now living in.

Nate Evans is a 7th-grade literacy teacher who, when the pandemic began, noticed many of his students did not have the workspaces they needed. Many parents were caught completely off guard back in March of last year, which, in turn, meant a lot of kids weren't equipped with the tools and space they needed to succeed.

Nate sent out to change that. He began building homemade, wooden desks for kids that were in need. Soon after, more than 50 others joined Nate to volunteer their own time in helping the kids. Many of the kids had little to no workspace of their own, with some even home learning from their own beds.

Evans believes that the better the working environment these kids have, the better their chances of succeeding at home learning exceed dramatically.

If they have a dedicated space, most are more likely to do better. In the middle of a pandemic, giving a child that space is even more important.

-Nate Evans, Woodworking With A Purpose Facebook Page

What Evans and the others are doing has caught on. Recently he was even featured on Good Morning America.

For more information on the homemade desks and to see pictures, see Evans' organization (Woodworking With A Purpose) on Facebook.

Story Source: Good Morning America

Story and Picture Source: Woodworking With A Purpose Facebook

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