Individual artists or bands who cover legendary songs for a crowd of people have guts. This is always risky because chances are everyone in the audience knows the song they’re singing or is at least somewhat familiar with it.  One particular music group that has been known to cover these types of songs is a group called Celtic Thunder.

If this group sounds familiar, then you have probably seen this Irish group’s specials on your local PBS station. You could have also seen the guys perform in Sioux Falls as well as other cities across the country and around the world.

Celtic Thunder consists of four to five members that put a Celtic twist on some well-known tunes. Recently, Celtic Thunder released a new album titled “Inspirational.” The album features songs from some legendary country artists including Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.

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"Inspirational" is a collection of songs that provide hope and yes, inspiration. We've all had a difficult year, and these songs covered by Celtic Thunder reflect that sentiment.

Once again, Celtic Thunder member Ryan Kelly covers an iconic song from Garth Brooks.  From Garth’s broad collection of soothing tunes, Ryan decided to tackle "Unanswered Prayers." I have to say, Ryan brings a sort of graceful presence to this song. Despite the fact that this song is a well-known Garth hit, Ryan made it his own.

Celtic Thunder also covers a song from multi-Grammy winner Alison Krauss and Elvis Presley on the "Inspirational" album. I have been fortunate enough to have seen Celtic Thunder three times in concert. Let's hope they come back to the Sioux Empire soon to share their talents and sing all these great classic, country hits!

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