Christmas Eve has come and gone, but before we close the book on it, let's look at an astonishing story. Charlotte Eisgrou and her identical twin sister, Ann Primack, celebrated their 103rd birthdays in South Florida on December 24.

And what's amazing is they are both still sharp and in great health. They are the oldest known identical twins in the world.

They were born premature in 1909. At a time when there were no incubators for babies in this condition, they were simply wrapped in blankets and place on the door of a stove.

Back on December 24, 1909, no one could have predicted the long life that awaited the two sisters. They were born prematurely at home and weighed a combined 7 pounds.

They grew up in Chicago and later moved to the Daytona Beach area. They really didn't have any special secrets to share about their longevity.

They both agree on one thing though. They know that if their father were here, he would be dancing in the air because he would be so happy!