They say you can't go home again.

Untrue, I say. Untrue!

The Edgerton Dutch Festival brings back some of the warmest memories I have growing up. Every year it was something to look forward to, almost as much as Christmas. Back then it was two days of fun for kids of any age. And it still is, only in a bit of a different way

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First of all, it's on a street that's different from what I remember fifty plus years ago. But, just like then, the street was full! First was a trip through the arts and crafts booth's. Stopping at this booth, that booth, the one over there and the one back here, too. Of course, in addition to the great crafts were the equally great visits with old friends and folks I met for the first time. And yes, we were able to get some unique treasures, too.

Two particular things were really busy during our visit back home.

The swimming pool was the place to be. Kids of all age enjoying one of the best small town pools in the region. And the inflatables? Well, whoever brought them did a heckuva job. I especially like the huge one next to the bean bag tournament. I mean, I liked looking at it. No, I didn't stagger to the top of it and slide down.

After a bite to eat at a food stand, it was off to my favorite part: The classic car row. As you can see, I spent a considerable amount of time there.

Now, there was a lot more than cars. The lineup of trucks was impressive. And the classic tractors? Yep, there were a couple I remember back on the farm all those years ago. Turn that John Deere flywheel and listen for the "plup, plup, plup...".

The best part? Seeing the old friends. Visiting with old classmates Dave and John. A howdy to Ivan and Mary. Chatting with Gene and seeing cousin Rollie. Trying to remember names and faces from another day and time.

So yes, you can go home again. At least for a while. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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