I am a stadium geek. Especially baseball stadiums.

From historic venues like Wrigley Field to modern-day wonders like Target Field, I've been lucky enough to be in a number of stadiums over the years, including some that have either been torn down or are no longer hosting games - like old Yankee Stadium in New York, Candlestick Park in San Francisco, County Stadium in Milwaukee, and the Astrodome in Houston.

Each trip to a ballpark has its own special memories and each venue has hosted some memorable moments over the years.

As baseball fans, we remember witnessing some of games' iconic events, either in person or watching on TV. But how well do you recall which ballpark hosted which big moment?

MLB.com has come up with a dozen of the most memorable events the game has ever seen and has issued a challenge - where did these special moments happen?

The events go back as far as 85 years, and include World Series exploits from some of the game's greatest players, regular season milestones, and even a couple of unusual happenings.

The quiz features eight current stadiums, and a quartet of historic ballparks.

So how did you do?

I scored 11-of-12 (damn you, Ichiro).

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