It's been a heckuva year. Gee, is that the understatement of a lifetime?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has upended just about every aspect of our lives, from work to school, sports to concerts, at the playground.

One of the most disheartening things for me was driving to work and seeing the playgrounds empty. No laughing. No running. No swinging, sliding, riding.

Now things are opening up some. Oh, not to what was 'normal', but things are...moving again. And that includes the playgrounds. Oh, we still have to take precautions and observe protocols, but the hustle and bustle are there or at least getting there.

So, it's a nice 90-degree warm day and you take the kids out to the playground. Let 'em run, let 'em jump, let 'em ride, and slide and roll. But there's still one thing to keep in mind.

It's hot. And the playground equipment is hotter. is reporting that on a ninety-degree day the temperature of a plastic slide can reach up to as much as 150 degrees. Yikes! At that temperature, children can get second-degree burns. And that definitely would wreck a fun day at the playground.

They suggest it may be best to hit the playground in the earlier morning or maybe the evening. Or at least, just try to feel it out yourself before having the young 'uns slide or ride. Oh, and if it's 90? Bring along lots of ice-cold water. Hydration, friends, hydration.

So go ahead, take the kids out to the playground, they deserve it!

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