Is it weird that watching these random people choose to play hopscotch made me so happy?

A group called the Dirty Data do a bunch of 'experiments' in public places to see what people will do. This 'Hopscotch Experiment' is completely harmless yet fascinating. They put a hopscotch  on a city sidewalk and then recorded for ten hours to see how many people would partake in hopscotch.

Out of 1,058 people that walked by, only 129 gave the hopscotch a go.

I'd like to think that I would have. I loved hopscotch as a kid. Obviously, if I wasn't in a hurry and was wearing sensible shoes, I totally would have done it.

I think it's pretty cool that something as minor as hopscotch binds us together. Everybody, for some reason, knows what hopscotch is and how to play! Isn't that kind of amazing?

My favorites are the construction workers. Also, the show offs who did the whole thing on one leg. Ok, we get it. You're young and agile.

Would you have played hopscotch?

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