I always love to find the hidden gems in the Sioux Empire.  The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips is one of those places you'll have to visit to see for yourself!

The downtown bar is located right inside the newly renovated Hotel on Phillips on North Phillips Avenue in Downtown Sioux Falls.   This is not just any bar.  It is inside an old bank vault.  Fun fact: The Hotel on Phillips was originally the site of a Sioux Falls National Bank building.  According to The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips website, "The Treasury is bringing back everything good from the 1920s. Step into a unique, imaginative and classic setting. With decor inspired by the historic building's past and innovative craft cocktails, we combined two time periods to create a truly unique attraction in historic Downtown Sioux Falls."  When you enter the vintage bar, you really feel like you traveled back in time.  I felt like I was in The Great Gatsby.

My friend Miranda recommended we check out the new downtown hot-spot.  There was a sense of elegance in the atmosphere.  Everyone was so relaxed and truly enjoying each other's company.  Aside from the unique cocktails, there are also some small dishes you can enjoy with your drink.

If you're looking for a glamorous dining experience, The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips is the place to go!  Please be sure to include it on your bucket list once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, and our current new normal known as “social distancing” is in everyone’s rear view mirrors!

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