If you're looking for a local restaurant that serves great food in the heart of Downtown Sioux Falls, then M.B. Haskett is the place to be!

Located right along South Phillips Avenue next to the State Theater, M.B. Haskett offers its patrons a menu full of delicious breakfast, lunch, AND brunch options.  It's not every day you find a new brunch place around the Sioux Empire.

According to its website, Michael Haskett opened M.B. Haskett in January 2012.  M.B. Haskett did undergo a renovation of its historic building back in 2014.  The space is great and the food is even better!  There's even an outdoor patio to enjoy what Downtown Sioux Falls has to offer.  The website explains that "Haskett and his staff relished the challenge of creating and experimenting with a new menu each day, and the community downtown welcomed the fresh option."

My friend, Miranda is always on a mission to find brunch establishments in Sioux Falls.  She accidentally came across M.B. Haskett and insisted on checking it out as soon as possible.  I honestly cannot wait to go back to enjoy a weekend morning or afternoon.  M.B. Haskett's food really leaves you wanting more.  I ordered an iced coffee with the avocado toast and green salad with a side of homemade granola and yogurt.  Since I am a huge health nut, this was the perfect meal for me or anyone else who loves to fuel their body with nutritious food!  However, if you're looking for something a little sweet, then M.B. Haskett's crepes are just as yummy!

M.B. Haskett is open Monday to Friday from 7 AM til 11 AM and on Saturday to Sunday from 8 AM til 2 PM.  Thanks for the great brunch, M.B. Haskett!

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