"Hometown Tuesday" is a segment idea I've had for a while. Now this idea is coming to fruition.  Every Tuesday, I will highlight a local restaurant, business, or site relating to South Dakota.

Bin 201 was one of the first places I went to when I moved to Sioux Falls.  So, I thought it would be fitting to feature this unique bar first.

If you ever wanted to go to a place with your friends to try different wines besides going to a winery, Bin 201 could be that place.  With a swipe of a card, you have access to different wines on tap.  Yes.  I said on tap.

When you enter Bin 201, there's an assortment of wine lined on the wall.  You have the option to have a "wine card" as I like to call it.  You can load the card with any amount of money and have easier access to the wine wall.  There are card slots next to the wine selection.  Pricing is based on how full you want your glass to be.  For example, if you just want to taste something new.  The hot spot also serves other drinks and beers.

Inside Bin 201, there is comfortable seating with an elegant feel.  The upscale decor is amazing and really compliments the luxurious atmosphere.  Plus, the staff is very attentive and will easily strike up a conversation with you.

This is a "go-to" place for my friend Miranda and me.  It's a great way to relax and to socialize with new people.

Do you have a restaurant or business you think I should highlight?  Send me an email at christine@kxrb.com with your ideas!

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