Washington DC is not a place Robert Griffin III is very welcome at this time and it seems like his days are numbered in the nations capital.

If it was up to former Dallas Cowboys running back Herschel Walker, Dallas would be the landing spot for the former #2 overall pick in the NFL draft.

According to CSNMidAtlantic.com, Walker offered this up about current Washington Redskins quarterback RGIII "Right now, [Washington] doesn't seem to have [Griffin] in the game plan at all. It's sad because I think RG has a lot of talent," he went on to say "And what I'd like to see is Mr. Snyder, if you don't mind, sending him to Dallas. I think he would love to go down to Dallas and play for the Cowboys. Right now, he's not doing anything so give him an opportunity to play."

The thought of RGIII in Dallas seems like something Jerry Jones would at some point consider solely because he is Jerry Jones, but after a step back even Jerry Jones would think Walker is nuts for thinking that would be a good fit.

As much as Walker might have confidence in RGIII, I'd prefer a Brandon Weeden who has been around the offense more or the current starter in Matt Cassel instead of Griffin.

Tony Romo will eventually be back sooner than later and this topic shifts to being about a backup QB and long term I don't see RGIII going to a situation where he knows starting only will come as the result of a injury to the starter.

Even though most of us believe he is and always will be a backup at best, he seems to think he's good enough to revive his NFL career and will go to a place where starting at the worst is a competition.

Trading him to Dallas right now would be a choice RGIII wouldn't get to make as that would be up to the Redskins, but don't think for a second that RGIII still isn't getting somewhat of a say in his future as a trade to a location where he doesn't want to go isn't what a team trading for RGIII would want in regards to a receiving a disgruntled QB.

DC doesn't seem to be his future home but Dallas clearly isn't the right answer.

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