For many people, it was 'Dances With Wolves' that put South Dakota on the worldwide movie map. With 12 Academy Award nominations, winning 7 including Best Picture, it's no wonder.

But in truth, many movies through the years have been filmed in South Dakota, including 'Call of The Wild', 'Thunderheart', 'Starship Troopers', and many more.

And now a movie that has already won Golden Globes for Best Drama and Best Director could provide Mount Rushmore State with another publicity and tourism boost.

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'Nomadland' isn't filmed or set exclusively in South Dakota but the state does have what might be called a 'starring role'. Starring the great Frances McDormand (like millions of others I fell in love with her in 'Fargo' and have admired her work ever since), you'll recognize a lot of South Dakota in the movie, including the incredible Badlands.

Oh, and yes, they make a stop at the World Famous Wall Drug. In fact, she (or at least her character) takes a job there! You'll have to check out for yourself if Wall Drug's Jackalope makes an appearance.

Our friends over at have info and some great pictures and direction on how you too can roam around Nomadland.

Oh, and 'Nomadland' seems to be a front runner in the Oscar race as well in a number of categories. And while movies haven't had the zillion-dollar impact as they did before the pandemic, this is one you'll want to make a point to see.

Frances McDormand and South Dakota...that sounds like an unbeatable pair!

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