You're in a relationship and one thing you don't do is lie.

Oh, a fib once in a while maybe. An inadvertent misleading line from time to time perhaps. Possibly stretching the truth every now and then,

But an outright lie? Nah.

Except that sometimes fella's, you do. In fact, put together a list of the biggest list of 'love ;ies' that us guys tell. And I'm bettin' some of them might ring a bell with you.

10) Nothing's wrong, I'm fine. (Almost always means the opposite)

9) This will be my last beer. (Nope, I'm...ah...not familiar with that one)

8) No, your butt doesn't look big in that. (Might be a self-preservation lie)

7) I had no signal (There it is, a smartphone lie!)

6) My battery died.  (OK, smartphone lie again)

5) Sorry, I missed your call. (Geez, you're really relying on your smartphone buddy)

4) I didn't have too much to drink. (Only spoken when you've had too much to drink)

3) I'm on my way. (Yeah, to the bathroom and then juuust one more)

2) It wasn't that expensive. (And besides, we needed this 184 inch HD flat screen)

1) I'm stuck in traffic. (Which will never work in most of South Dakota)

Now, none of these should totally blow up a loving committed relationship, but they probably don't help either. And Cosmo always published what they call '10 Tiny Lies It's OK To Tell In A Relationship'. I'm really confused. Oh, and this perfectly chilled Grain Belt longneck setting right here? Sure, this will be my last beer.

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