Ahhh...it's summer. Time for picnics. Camping. Eating out in the 'great wide open'.

And the last thing you want is boring food! Oh, burgers and dogs are fine. There's nothing wrong with a ladle or two of potato salad. And you can always pop open that bag of chips.

But why not, ah, spice things up a bit this season?

Country Living has some absolutely fantastic and,for most, new ideas for that outdoor eating you'll be enjoying this summer. In fact, they have 85 recipes for the grill/fire while you're out and about for a day or two or three.

Now, I'm not going to run down all 85 (you can peruse that for yourself), but we're talking things like Classic Lobster Rolls, Chive Potato Salad, Bacon Lettuce Cups, Charred Corn Salad, Blackberry Almond Buckle and...well, about 80 more to choose from. And maybe best of all, they're pretty simple to make.

So sure, go ahead and have the all-american favorites, burgers, dawgs, brats and the rest. But just for fun, maybe change it up for a meal or two.

And happy eating! Don't forget the bug spray!

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