Parts of East Central South Dakota got dumped on Wednesday night. The Aurora area picked up over eight inches of rain, Brookings over six inches. Many of the roads in the area had to be closed off to traffic because of water going over the roads.

According to the Sioux Falls National Weather Service, the highest 24-hour rainfall total was 8.87 inches in Aurora. The city of Brookings received 6.63 inches, while in comparison the Sioux Falls airport only received 0.61 inches.

For a time Thursday morning (7/19) a flash flood warning was issued for Brookings County in East Central South Dakota and Lincoln County in West Central Minnesota.

Brookings County Emergency Manager Robert Hill says the area got hit with a lot of rain in a short amount of time. No one had to be evacuated, but there were reports of several flooded basements and numerous stalled cars.

The National Weather Service says scattered showers and thunderstorms are still possible Thursday afternoon and evening. However, the good news is the bad weather is expected to clear up by Friday.

Source: Sioux Falls National Weather Service

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