I was checking out some produce at the Sioux Falls Costco. I was walking out of the cooler when I looked down and saw these containers of colorful hairballs.

Rambutan Costco - Ben Davis

I realize that I don't get out much but I have traveled a fair amount. I've tried some exotic foods. But as I gazed down at these little goofy-looking globes, I realized there must be a whole world of food out there that I haven't experienced.

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I figured this must be food. There are cases of it stacked in a walk-in refrigerator. No one was flocking over to buy these things. It could have been because I was standing there gawking and taking pictures or it could be they looked as unappetizing to everyone else as they did to me.

I make it a point to never shove anything in my face that scares me.

So I googled “Ramboutan”. Turns out that what may be an exotic food to me is a kind of fruit delicacy throughout Asia and Australia.

Rambutan Costco - Ben Davis

Ramboutan grows in a tree and is described as “sweet and creamy”. You are supposed to just take the hairy outer layer off like you'd peel an orange. Folks slice it on yogurt and salads or just eat 'em plan like a big grape.

I'm still taking a hard pass. I don't chew on anything that looks like my cat may have coughed it up. Oh...and watch out for the pits.

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