Lincoln County Sherif Deputies are praising a witness who reacted after finding a drunk driver passed out in a car with the transmission still in drive.

The witness spotted something unusual near the intersection of South Dakota Highway 115 and Tiger Way in Harrisburg.   The witness who found the man reported the driver was passed out behind the wheel, with the car still in drive. While calling for help from the Sherrif's Office, the witness put the car in park and took the keys away. Deputies arrived a short time later, attempted to awaken and talk to the driver and suspected he was under the influence of alcohol.

The Facebook post on Friday (January 11) detailed the field sobriety test performed on the driver and the blood alcohol level test that was also administered. "The result of the PBT was .428, which is five times above the legal limit. Deputies subsequently arrested the 27-year-old male driver from Harrisburg for DUI 1st and open container." The incident took place on the evening of Tuesday (January 8.)  The name of the driver was not provided.

"Thank you to the citizen who reported this incident and acted appropriately to keep others safe." said the deputy identifying himself as A23. "If you see a suspected drunk driver, please call 911 to report it."





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