On this National Red Rose Day (6/12/17) we celebrate one of nature's true masterpieces - the long-stemmed rose.

Before running out and buying a bunch of red roses to give away though, be aware that certain colors mean certain things.

For example, the red rose means "I love you." Pink, however, means "admiration." So, unless you're actually trying to hook up with that special someone, choose carefully.

And then to complicate things even more, sometimes the number of roses you give someone can take the meaning in a whole different direction.

For example, giving someone 13 pink roses means not only "admiration" but also you have a "secret crush" on that person.

Also, one red rose means "I Love You" but when you tie two red roses together it means "Will You Marry Me?" - I know, it's complicated.

To see what all the different colored rose signify, and to figure out how many to give, here's a link to the Passion Growers website.

Good luck and choose wisely!

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