As we celebrate President's Day today (February 19), it's much more than just 50 percent off sales. This is a day to honor some very important men.

It is a day set aside to honor all of the United States Presidents. We often think of two great presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, when we celebrate this holiday since it falls by design between their birthdays. But this day is really a tribute to every person who has served in the office as President of our nation. It's a national holiday, with banks and the post office closing.

By design, it lands on the third Monday of February each year. So let's share a few facts about some of our leaders.

First, what is our current President doing on this day? Donald Trump is spending President's Day at his private golf club in Florida. He is an avid golfer.

Now some interesting facts about some past Presidents:

  • During the last 90 years every president has thrown out the first pitch to open a baseball season, except Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump.
  • George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Johnson were avid marble collectors and players.
  • President Madison was 5-feet 4-inches tall and weighed less than 100 pounds.
  • William Henry Harrison couldn't shake hands at his inauguration because they were so raw from shaking hands on the campaign trail.
  • Jimmy Carter was the first president to be born in a hospital.
  • Andrew Jackson was the first president to ride a train.
  • Tennessee has a bad track record when it comes to presidents. They've had three. One was censured (Andrew Jackson) and one was impeached (Andrew Johnson). However, both were later acquitted. The third president from Tennessee, Polk, saves the state though. He is considered the most successful president ever. He made 5 promises to the public during his campaign, and he met all five.

Source: Radio Online

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