I don't follow cartoons much anymore.  Oh, I'm familiar with a couple of them through my Grandkids.

I'm aware of....uh...what's his name?  Oh yeah, Spongebob Squarepants.  Don't know too much about him, except he lives somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, and the Grand Young 'Uns quiet down when he's on TV.

Oh, and there's something about a Phineas and Herb, too.  Strange looking, that's about all I know.

But there was a day!  Get a big 'ol bowl of Wheaties, a big 'ol bowl of Sugar (Sugar wasn't a profanity back in the old days), sittin' on the linoleum floor in the living room and turn on the TV and...wait for it....wait fo it....

Ahhh, there it is, magically appearing out of that little white dot in the middle of the big black screen.  TV!

It's Saturday morning, the NBC Baseball Game of the Week will be on this afternoon (yes, kiddies, one basball game a week) but for now, it's cartoon time!

Quick Draw McGraw.  Forhorn Leghorn.  Top Cat.

And the best of them all: Yogi Bear.

Let's check in on Yogi, his little pal Boo-Boo and of course the Park Ranger!  Hang on to that pic-a-nic basket!