We now live in an age when people can send there written message by pushing a button and talking thru speech recognition technology. Typed messages, witch could bee considered old and slow, can be "fixed" by the typists machine through autocorrect. This technology is cool but it isn't perfect. But you know what is perfect? The collection of people who insist on correcting others' written grammar.

So often I am scrolling bye comments on Facebook their is the person who cannot ad anything useful too the discussion so they pick on someone who may or may not of typed the incorrect form of a word.

When I see one of these snarky judgemental responses, I get judgemental. I immediately think they must feel so hollow inside that the only way they're self esteem is raised is buy showing there superiority in knowing that Pierre is the state capitol, not the CAPITAL.

Even worse is the toolbag who uses a typo or incorrect word usage as evidence of they're adversary's stupidity thus invalidating the opposing opinion.

If this post irritated that part of your brain that must tell people their wrong, my mission was successful. No one looks at you're critique and thinks "Oh, wow! They really know their stuff!" They just think your a tool. And there right. Quit it.

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