Oh look, we skipped right past Global Hand Washing Day. Just like we skip past washing our hands every time we go to the bathroom.

Put yourself in this scenario: You walk into the bathroom and, someone is just finishing their business. You take the next stall while the other person zips ups, straightens out their clothes, makes a glance in the mirror, and walks out. Oops.

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Then, after you finish and exit the bathroom, you see that same person in the hallway shaking hands with someone. Busted!

Happens all the time right? It takes less than half a minute to wash your hands after using the toilet to kill germs. But, sadly, it must be unimportant for some.

Remember back at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when bathroom etiquette took on a whole new meaning? More soap dispensers were installed along with hand sanitizers. We were doing anything and everything we could to be a sanitizing and germ-free society.

Well, that didn't last long.

Two things to remember:
Use soap
Hum the Happy Birthday melody while you wash

And, the CDC offers several key times if you need further reminders when to wash your hands.

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