"Wait a minute, let me Google that up".  Count to 4 and boom, you've got it.  What used to take hours to look up and find now takes seconds.  Remember waiting in line with your library card to check out a book to do some research?  Not any more.  Click.  Find.

It's kind of empowering.  Knowing that you can find out literally whatever it is you want to know with just a few 'clicks'.

That got me wondering today.  Since we're almost ready to start a new year, what were The most searched headlines of the year, according to Google.

Some of them were no brainers and some of them had me scratching my head and wanting to know more.  Pussy Riot?  They are the European punk rock band that made  headlines in early in the year for mixing politics music and religion.

The Costa Concordia Crash?  Tragedy to say the least.   Many of the stories that made headlines were negative in nature.  That seems to be the 'beast' that is today's media.  Trayvon Martin Shooting, The Sandusky debacle, more recently Kate Middleton and Hurricane Sandy.

As we finish up one year and get ready to start another, it's kind of interesting to look back.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, here is the official top ten list from Google. I'll include the links in case you want to brush up on 2012.  Oh, by the way, I mixed up where I linked to so we get a good cross section of what you might find should you 'Google 'em up' today.  Enjoy searching for what ever it is you're looking for.  And if your keeping track (who knows who could be searching) this list was supplied to TIME from Google.  Big names definitely deserve credit.

Oh, and might I add a personal comment.  Thanks to Rebull Stratos for being the ONE story that truly captured my imagination.  Judging by the attention it received, many agree.