Oh, wait a minute. I forgot that won't fit into my schedule. You see there's this goat tying clinic I've always wanted to checkout so that trip to Minneapolis this weekend to watch the Minnesota Twins isn't going to work. And I know we haven't seen your mother for over a year now but I really need to go to this goat tying clinic.

Seriously I never knew this was a big deal. But when it comes to rodeo speak this takes practice. Therefore the goat tying clinic begins at 4:00 PM today at the Hippodrome Arena of the South Dakota State Fair in Huron.

Something else I didn't realize there are a few techniques you need to polish when tying your goat. There's the dismount from your horse. Flanking is highly important for the takedown. And then we come to tying up your goat.

I could be really good at this since my height gives me the advantage of being closer to the ground than most people.

Mowing the lawn, tilling the garden and washing the car will have to wait. Let's go tie up some goats!

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