If you are an east-sider it's about to really suck to get lumber at Menards, eat at Hu Hot, or shop at Wally World.

The city of Sioux Falls will hold a press conference Friday to give details on the overdue reconstruction of Arrowhead Parkway from Sycamore Avenue to Veterans Parkway.

It's not going to be fun to deal with during the expansion, but it will be great when it's done. The street will go from four lanes plus turning lane to one lane each way during construction but will expand to six lanes. Hopefully it's done before winter?

From the press release:

Beginning on Monday, August 14, 2017, East Arrowhead Parkway between Sycamore Avenue and Veteran’s Parkway will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction as work begins on the Arrowhead Parkway reconstruction project. Work on this project will include underground utility upgrades, streetlight and traffic signal upgrades, and widening Arrowhead Parkway to six lanes with a center median east of Sycamore Avenue through Highline Avenue. Come to the news conference to learn the details of this major, two‑season street construction project in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

If you're confused by the street names here's a translation of them.

Arrowhead Parkway - East 10th Street East of Sycamore Avenue. The name of the street changes for some reason. Most people I know still say Walmart is on "East 10th."

Veterans Parkway - Highway 11 coming from the south before it goes east toward Brandon. It's previous name was Powder House Road, which had a name of historical significance to Sioux Falls, but was selected randomly for a name change to honor veterans.

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