The Summer of 2019 is certainly fading now that Labor Day has come and gone and the NFL has gotten underway. This particular Summer seemed to go by awfully fast due to lack of Spring and many rainy days.

The one thing I will say about my Summer, was it was a great year for baseball. I say this because of multiple reasons.

Number one, I coach youth baseball here in Sioux Falls, and my team had a season to remember going undefeated all year long until the final game for the championship in the tournament.

Number two, my son is a player, and he had a fabulous year playing in MVP style. And it was his first year pitching and he won his first game on the mound.

And last but not least, my favorite major league team, the Minnesota Twins, did great.

Now everybody in our circle is playing football at my son's age level, except some of us hardcore baseball players. We are continuing to play what we believe is the greatest game ever invented.

We are getting set for the Fall Baseball League with Augustana College. We will play every Sunday of September plus the first Sunday of October.

The program includes special training from the college coaches and players along with full games each week. We are excited to be a part of it and Mark Jr. and I along with his teammate friends Kyle, Kenny and Eli have been working out at the ball park during the week to prepare.

Fall Baseball 2
Mark Tassler, Sr.

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