Ready to eat meat from a vending machine? Joshua Applestone, founder of Applestone Meat Company, sees a future in vending machines filled with protein.

He has vending machines loaded with strip steaks, pork chops, and Italian sausage. He’s installed four of them in Stone Ridge, New York. It's located geographically near the trendy town of Woodstock.

Each machine is filled with a different type of beef, pork, lamb, ground meat and sausage. Just insert your money and make a selection for your next meal.

So are people actually willing to buy meat from a vending machine? So far it looks like the answer is yes, at least at his current location.

Applestone has to restock the machines constantly to keep up with demand. We'll see what happens elsewhere in other markets.

It raises the question, would you eat meat from a vending machine? As for me, I would pass on this. I'll stick with personally selecting what cuts I want at the meat counter.

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