Garth Brooks is no stranger to all-star recording projects. In a new interview, the county megastar looks back on collaborations with Trisha Yearwood, George Jones and even classic rockers Kiss, and Taste of Country and The Boot readers get to see it first in a video exclusive.

Iconic Grand Ole Opry announcer Bill Cody is launching a new show on the Circle Network titled Bill Cody Presents, which features his exclusive interviews with some of country music's biggest stars. The show premieres on Wednesday evening (Feb. 9) with an in-depth interview with Brooks, and in the sneak peek below, Brooks discusses how he bought his producer Allen Reynolds' studio, Jack's Tracks — where the Country Music Hall of Famer has recorded his biggest hits — and re-christened it Allentown as a tribute to his friend and longtime collaborator.

Brooks tells Cody that it's a magical studio space due to its history.

"You're standing in the place where I'm looking across at Trisha Yearwood's face on 'In Another's Eyes,'" he marvels.

It's also the spot where Jones recorded his parts on "Beer Run." That session took place not long after a drunk driving crash that scared Jones straight for the rest of his life.

"He'd just come out of the accident," Brooks recalls "His throat was real scratchy, and he was really laboring hard, because they had stuck that tube down his throat. Gave him a week to repair and feel better, and the track was unbelievable."

Brooks also opens up about recording with Kiss in that same studio space. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers came to Nashville to record his parts on a collaboration on their song "Hard Luck Woman," which originally appeared on their 1976 album Rock and Roll Over. Brooks sang lead on a cover version they recorded for the 1994 Kiss tribute album Kiss My Ass, which featured the group re-recording their own songs with contemporary artists they had influenced.

"A lot of great things have happened in here," Brooks tells Cody of the studio. "I'm lucky enough to get to be one of the parts of things that's happened in here."

Bill Cody Presents is set to premiere on the Circle Network on Wednesday night at 8PM ET. The show will feature eight hour-long episodes with artists Cody hand-picked, including Marty Stuart, Pam Tillis and more.

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