Garth Brooks' new single "Ask Me How I Know" is reminiscent of his last No. 1 hit in more than a few ways. The big country ballad stings the heart while reminding us of how the country veteran is capable of opening us up.

One can't help but double take at the song's powerful final chorus. Brooks starts soft and builds through this story of love and heartbreak. The singer plays a man jaded after making bad decisions in the face of difficulties. He's pleading with a younger man not to do the same, to open up instead of shutting down.

The tone, pace and overall style of "Ask Me How I Know" recalls "More Than a Memory," a chart-topper in 2007 penned by the then-unheard-of Lee Brice. It could be a career-starter for Brooks' unheralded writer once again (see below), but more importantly for him, it's an emphatic country statement that demands to be recognized.

Did You Know?: Country newcomer Mitch Rossell wrote "Ask Me How I Know." Brooks says they jokingly call him "diva" because he never asks for anything.

Watch: Garth Brooks Talks About "Ask Me How I Know"

Garth Brooks, "Ask Me How I Know" Lyrics:

You're stubborn as they come, you'll never settle down / You'll always be the one who doesn't stick around / You make all the rules, you're set in your ways / You gotta have your freedom, you gotta have your space.

'Cause one day you'll meet the girl you swore you'd never find / Start feeling things you never felt and spending all your time / Trying to figure out how she got this hold on you / And when you start to fall, you'll hold onto your pride / Start building up your walls and never let her get inside / You'll push her away 'cause that's all you know how to do / And then she'll leave and you won't beg her not to go / Ask me how I know.

Go on and shake your head and tell me that I'm wrong / Say I'm just another fool and this is just another song / But I know how you are 'cause I know how I am / And I'd give anything to go back and try again.

And you best put this song on repeat / Maybe then you won't end up like me.

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