If you plan on taking a walk through this Minnesota park anytime soon, you might want to bring an icepick along. Just be careful, or the 'Minnesota Ice Man' will surely take notice.

What exactly is this odd piece of artwork and just how did it end up in this Minnesota park? The answer is just as interesting as the 'Ice Man' himself.

In reality, it's not a real caveman frozen in the ice, of course. It's actually an elaborate sculpture created by numerous people.

The plastic man, encased in plexiglass has been the talk of the twin cities for the past few days, after suddenly appearing in Theodore Wirth Park. And he even has a name. It's Zug Zug.

Zug Zug was made by artist Zach Schumack, Ian Molloy-Busse, Harry Hausk, and Gunnar Gapko. After being used in a local awards show, the sculpture hadn't seen the light of day outside Schumak's garage in quite some time. So, it was put up in the park and has been delighting passers-by (and maybe terrifying them too) ever since.

When he was first placed in the park, Zug Zug wasn't exactly there legally. But Schumack and the park board have since ironed out the details and the cro-magnon will be a fixture in the park for a while. It's agreed that Zug Zug has a place to stay at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis until the snow is gone. How fitting.

Story Source: WCCO

Story Source: FOX 9

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