Tonight in Nebraska it will be a night filled with emotions and memories as former Huskers head coach Frank Solich returns to the state.

Solich will be honored with the Tom Osborne Legacy Award and will accept the award on Wednesday.

He spoke with reporters on Tuesday about the award and his time with the Huskers.

The Tom Osborne Legacy Award is given to someone each year who is a "winner on and off the field".

While at Nebraska, he tallied a record of 58-19 and won the Big12 Conference title in 1999.

Solich wasn't able to win a National Title though during his time and with the previous success of Osborne, fans became upset with the trajectory of the program and rumblings turned to gripes and the pressure pushed the athletic department to move on from Solich.

Looking back it may have been the beginning of the end for the Huskers as we knew, because the program was enamored with mediocrity afterwards and in retrospect they probably wish they wouldn't of let Solich go.

Currently, Solich is the head coach of Ohio University in the MAC Conference and has a record of 106-75 overall record with the Bobcats, taking them to ten bowl games over that time.


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