I'll bet you didn't know that freezing cold weather is how comfort food got its start! There must be truth to that because in our freezer is a variety of soups, casserole dishes and other winter-goodness to pull out when it gets so blasted cold.

Our favorite of the five you'll find in our house is the White Chicken Chili my wife makes. Grilled chicken breast shredded with chicken stock, Northern beans, green chilies, onion and a bunch of fresh herbs. And one important ingredient here, black pepper oil. Just one drop.

Coming in at number two is the smoked ham and bean soup. Now the last few years the boss treats us to a Honey Backed ham. Never-ever get rid of the bone. Toss it in the freezer to use later just for this. Then what really makes this stock is the smoked ham hock. I know it sounds Beverly Hillbillies but trust me. And don't forget to use a potato peeler and dig out the marrow from the bones. Again, trust me on this.

Chili is always in the freezer. Along with made from scratch buttermilk cheddar and herb biscuits.

I tried my hand at making chicken pot pies for the first time. The smaller ones using ramekins are fun using puff pastry. Quick and easy to for a last minute dinner option. The larger ones are made with my wife’s pie crust.

And then you can't go wrong with a ten pound pan of lasagna. Right? For this one using tomatoes, basil and onions from our garden.

Hmmmmmmm! Nap time.

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