It's springtime in South Dakota and that means new wildlife babies. And according to KOTA TV, the first two buffalo calves of 2020 have been born in Custer State Park.

The park estimates that more than 400 buffalo calves will be born to the park herd. Custer State Park is home to a free-range buffalo herd. The over 1300 buffalo roam much of the state parks 71,000 acres.

The park is also home to the annual fall Custer State Park Buffalo Round-Up. It's an amazing event attended by thousands of people from all over the world. Each fall cowboys, cowgirls, & park staff bring the big shaggies into corals set up to get them in one spot for inoculations and to cull the herd.

It is an amazing experience to first see the herd approaching all the spectators who are waiting in the safety of the preset viewing areas. Then moments later hundreds of buffalo come thundering by in an unmatched spectacle of nature.

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