Here we go, heading into the last stretch of winter! Seed catalogues are in mailboxes and the days are getting longer. While it's still too early to start outdoors, there is some gardening that can be done now.

Bring a new houseplant into your home. Go retro and select an African violet. Add a designer edge with a succulent wall garden. Or, choose an exotic orchid.

Get ready to plant. Pick up new seeds now, as selections are at their best. Pots, planting medium, and trays will be on the shelves by the end of the month. If you're reusing pots and containers from last year, scrub them with a stiff brush and disinfect with bleach.

Change it up. If last year's garden left you a little disappointed, change it! If you had too many zucchini, plant green beans instead. Train them to grow up a bamboo teepee. Ask the kids to help choose an heirloom vegetable. The names are intriguing and the empty seed packets can be framed for kitchen art.

Look out the window. Are you seeing a lot of boring? This spring, add an evergreen for some winter interest. If space is tight, consider red twig dogwood or ornamental grasses. Add some art with a painted old door or freshen up a garden fence.

Dream a little. Pick up a gardening magazine or book that are totally different from your style. Start a folder with ideas that you'd like to try. If you see something that you love, with plants out of your zone, take that picture to your local garden center. They'll have the plants for your region to achieve a similar look.

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