Here's a case where the sequel may be better than the original.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky became an internet hit last month with "Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway," in which he appeared to be reading books with outrageous titles while other passengers looked on in disbelief.

Rogowsky has returned with a new video that pushes the envelope. This time around -- he has an accomplice who also lugs some books around -- there's "The Joy of Cooking Meth," the very timely "How to Fake Your Own Death" by Prince, the extremely controversial "What to Abort When Your'e Aborting," "Math for Non-Asians," "Gay Garfield" and many more books that you will simply never find at your local Barnes & Noble or any online book retailer you may search.

Rogowsky has definitely stepped up his game with this new installment and proves that it is hard to put down a good book.

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