Some astronomers are calling it a super blue blood moon eclipse - something that hasn't happened in over 150 years. Here's why January 31, 2018 will be an astronomical rarity:

The moon will be full for the second time in a month.

The moon will be closest to earth in its orbit - nearly 15,000 miles closer.

Total lunar eclipse of blood moon to follow, which hasn't happened in 152 years.

The drawback to getting a glimpse of it here in South Dakota is that the full eclipse will happen right before moon set so there is a very tight window.

According to, "the umbral eclipse will start at 5:48 AM Central Time, and by 6:16 AM, the moon will take on its characteristic blood-red color as it enters totality.

The supermoon portion of the phenomena will be the day before, on Jan. 30 at 3:58 AM.

Understandably, astronomers and novice sky watchers are excited for the event, which is truly a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

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