Sounds like an episode of the Andy Griffith Show - a man, a pig and two police officers - but it wasn't Mayberry but rather North Ridgeville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

Police there recently got a call from a man who said a pig was following him home from the train station. Their first thought was the guy was probably drunk but decided to check it out anyway.

When they arrived on the scene what they found was that the man was very much sober - and that the pig was indeed following him.

They somehow managed to get the pig into the patrol car and took it to the police station, writing on the department's Facebook page, "The irony of a pig in a police car."

Where the pig came from and who it belongs to has yet to be determined. Until someone steps forward to claim him, he's being housed at the area humane society.

And if you're wondering how much of a mess he made in the police car - check out the YouTube video below. All I can say is, "I'm glad it wasn't me."

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