As human beings, we all have our various levels of tolerance. Some can handle a lot and others tend to have a shorter fuse.

But, let's face it, at some point a person just blows a gasket. That's when it would feel good to smash something.

Let's focus on a specific group of people now who can really lose it over simply watching a game. Sports fans want to see their team win. But when things don't go right, it can cause anger. That's when you need a special room to go to.

In Philadelphia, you can go into the Wells Fargo Center’s Disassembly Room and smash some dishes, take a sledgehammer to a TV and unleash your rage upon everything in sight.

That’s right. The Wells Fargo Center has unveiled the first-ever rage room in a major professionals sports arena.

The rage room allows fans and guests to let out some stress by breaking, smashing and crushing items inside of the brand new Disassembly Room.

I remember how dad used to yell at our TV when the Twins were losing. Mom had to close the the screen windows so the neighbors didn't think we were fighting.


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