After a brief battle with cancer, Duke, the Golden Retriever from the Bush's Baked Beans commercials, has died. For nearly two decades Duke was on a mission to try and sell the secret family recipe to Bush's Baked Beans.

For years Duke traveled alongside - and talked with, I might add - to Jay Bush who swore that the secret to their family baked beans would never get out. Duke had other plans, however. hoping to ultimately sell the recipe.

Duke - whose real name was Sam, by the way - was actually one of several dogs used in the TV commercials. He hadn't been on camera for years, but the family says he was one of Jay's favorites over the years.

Rest in peace Duke - and safe travels across that rainbow bridge. In your honor, I'll warm up some of those yummy Bush's Baked Beans tonight for dinner and think of you while I'm enjoying them.

Source: USA Today

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