I am officially halfway through the Downtown Burger Battle! 3 down 3 to go! Pave's offering for this year's battle is called The Unicorn.

It is described on DTSF.com as follows: "It's a one of a kind burger with magical, mythical powers that'll tickle your taste buds! - Chuck/Brisket Blend Beef Patty, basted with an Umami Bomb, on a pretzel bun, topped with Black Garlic Aioli, Arcadian Harvest Emerald Greens, sweet pickled green tomato, smoked Gouda cheese, fried pork belly and bacon jam."

So far all the burgers have been messy, but this was the messiest. I could only take two bites like an actual burger before it fell apart and I gave up and used utensils. Some would deduct points for that, but I think it's a good thing! Plus, you know going in that it is going to be messy when they serve the burger with moist towelettes! They got you covered!

I don't know for certain, but I think the pretzel bun was even homemade, it was soft and salty, just like a pretzel should be.

The pepperiness of the arugula and greens paired well with the bacon jam. It was just the hint of sweetness that came through a couple bites in. And the tartness from the green tomato was a nice compliment.

And...the pork belly!! Delicious! So far, this was probably my favorite, but there are three burgers left!

And to top it all off, I was at Pave when the Minneapolis Miracle happened so maybe The Unicorn is good luck!

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