January means it is Burger Battle season!

This year there are a whopping 16 burgers to try and I am trying to get through them all.

This year, voting is done via Downtown Sioux Falls' new app! It is called the DTSF Passport. It is so slick, smooth, and user friendly. You can find out more about the Burger Battle and the app here.

My first burger was from The Market. Next, was Mackenzie River and Parker's Bistro!

Now it's Pave's turn.

Pave's burger is called The Karen. I gave them the award for best name before I even had the burger. The burger is described as, "Half-pound patty, brisket, smoked gouda, brown sugar-bacon aioli, beer battered onion rings, mustard greens, pretzel bun."

My thoughts:

  • The brisket was a nice touch.
  • Who doesn't like gouda?
  • I could have used more of the brown sugar bacon aioli because everything else was pretty salty.
  • I do like pretzel buns, but they salted the top and certain bites were very salty, but I suppose Karen is kind of salty so it makes sense.

Overall, I really enjoyed Pave's burger. I don't think their toppings were quite as creative as some of the other places, but the name is super fun and clever. Also, their burger, so far, seemed more reasonably priced than some of the other establishments.

And Pave's fries are fantastic so that was a plus.

You guys, this is getting tough.

4 down 12 to go!

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7



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