I had been looking forward to this burger ever since I saw the picture on the Downtown Burger Battle website.

Wiley's Tavern's Gluttony has macaroni and cheese on it!!!

It's official description is as follows, "100% fresh Black Angus beef, topped with a slice of aged extra sharp white cheddar cheese, then smothered with smoked, gooey, gouda mac and cheese, mixed with thick hickory smoked bacon on a fresh baked egg bun."

Before I even tasted the burger, I had a forkful of the mac and cheese that had fallen off the burger and I knew I was in a for a treat. The macaroni and cheese is amazeballs! Seriously, it is so good! I'm not sure if the gouda mac and cheese is a staple on Wiley's menu, but it should be. Then there was bacon. On top of the mac and cheese! And as I've stated before everything is better with bacon.

The one negative. The bun. It was kind of hard and chewy. I think they were going for a garlic bread feel with a thicker bun to hold up to the burger juices and the cheese sauce, but it wasn't great.

Seriously though, that mac and cheese was so good. I still think about it.

11 down, one to go!

Almost done!



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