Singer-songwriter Dominique Pruitt has a new single coming Friday (Oct. 26), but she's giving The Boot's readers a first listen. Press play below to hear "High in the Valley."

"High in the Valley" is an ode to mediocrity and monotony. Its melody is retro and jangly, though its chorus isn't quite as upbeat: "I'm getting high in the Valley / But I'm low on hope / I think I see Heaven through the clouds of smoke," sings Pruitt. "Everybody said this town was paved with sin / Tried to find the straight and narrow, but I just can't win / So, Amen / I'm gettin' high in the valley again."

"My inspirations can be a mixed bag for sure, but I'm obsessed with the spaghetti Western sound," Pruitt says, "and I thought it really fit the mood for this song."

Pruitt co-wrote "High in the Valley" with Jasmine Ash, Kenny Fleetwood and Joseph Holiday, who also produced the song. Her inspiration came from memories of post-high school graduation evenings that Pruitt spent with her older sister, quite literally, getting high at her sister's apartment in the San Fernando Valley.

“I had written down that song title a few years ago," Pruitt shares. "It was such a part of me at one point to feel like I was trapped in this hopelessness of being so close to what you want in a way but so far away."

Pruitt comes from a musical family: Her father, Larry Brown, played in the 1960s pop band the Association and with the musical comedy duo the Smothers Brothers before working with British pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck in the '80s; her mother, Anne-Marie Brown, was also a singer. Pruitt herself began performing in her late teens and earned a record deal in 2011.

Pruitt released an EP, To Win Your Love, in 2013; she had a full-length debut album ready for release, but she shelved the project when it just didn't feel right. "High in the Valley" is her first new music in almost five years; more new songs are expected soon as well.

Listen to Dominique Pruitt's "High in the Valley"

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