I visited my brother in Omaha and I wanted to try out one of those movie theaters that has more to offer than popcorn and soda. I mean, they have that too, but you can also get actual food and booze if you so choose.

We went to the Alamo Drafthouse. It is a chain with theaters throughout the country. They are also known for their strict no phones policy. I didn't want to test it so I made sure my phone was on silent and put away.

The theaters are generally a little smaller because the chairs are bigger and there are tables. Also, they don't show as many movies. I think there were only four or five movies to choose from.

We arrived somewhat early to make sure we got a seat and our food order in. Obviously, it was a dark movie theatre so reading the menu was a bit difficult. I had to use my phone light a lot. This was before the movie started.

The menu consisted of appetizers, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, some pasta, and desserts. There was also a full wine list, beer and cocktails. Plus, they had boozy milkshakes!

I got my drink and dinner order before the movie started, but anytime you needed something you just wrote it on a piece of paper and stood it up at the end of your table and the server would get it for you.

I ordered a burger and fries and it was really good. I have no idea how good it looked because it was dark. Also, while the experience was nice of being able to eat more than popcorn, it was actually a little challenging eating in the dark.

I do think this idea of having servers is perfect though for refills on drinks and popcorn. How many times have you been in a movie and needed more snacks or beverage, but you didn't want to miss the movie? Problem solved. Just write it down on the card and boom, more snacks arrive!

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