What happens when you take Twin Bing candy bars mix 'em into ice cream and shove 'em between to delicious chocolate cookies? Something amazing...that's what!

Stensland Family Farms is a family-owned and operated multi-generational farm located just outside of Larchwood, Iowa.

The Stensland's farm operates a 200-cow dairy operation and creamery that produces lots of great cheese and ice cream products. Stensland has Sioux Falls store locations at 3101 W 41st. St, 3221 S. Sertoma Ave., 1601 S Western Ave., and 4712 E 41st St.

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For the last couple of years, Stensland has been making limited quantities of Twin Bing ice cream with chunks of the twin mound chocolate and cherry candy bar mixed into Cherry Ice Cream.

Twin Bing Candy Bars are made in Sioux City at Palmer Candy company. The fact that these two regional family-owned businesses got together to create some amazing confections is genius.

I stopped into the Stensland store location on East 41st Street and chatted with Josh Cherry (his real name) to see if they had the new Twin Bing Ice Cream Sandwiches I'd heard about.

Josh was delightfully helpful. I bought 2 of the Sandwiches. They sell for around $5.50. Last night the wife and I did a taste test of the Twin Bing Ice Cream Sandwiches.

We both agreed. In a word, they were...freaking awesome! I guess that's two words. But if you are a Bing fan you'll dig these Ice Cream delights!

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